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EduCube Canada Touch Screen Table

EduCube Canada Touchscreen Table Recognizes objects placed on the table and turns them into instruments of learning.  For example, the soft silicon FriendshipCube can be rolled onto the table in gaming and educational applications in English & French.  In the 21st century, there will be thousands of jobs created by the Friendship Cube Group, Graeme, for example, put his hands towards manufacturing, assembling, and testing 22bit visual binary fibre optic cables, and also worked on human-computer interfaces designed to make dreams come true.  Students now have the need to learn the code that didn't exist fifteen years ago.  This is the place for the digital touchscreen table.  
Code Club Canada Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award
Federal Charity Funds Blind Children
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Learn the "FriendshipCube" Code Invite Graeme Kilshaw to your school!  +1 250 813-1734 

EduCube International

Code Club is run by the students that have badges from

EduCube International teaches the Friendship Cube Code and creates jobs and value for application sales and installations.  These include 22bit fibre optics, security applications, and fun interactive technologies.

EduCube International, building friendship cubes.



EduCube Canada Program

EduCube Canada has developed a program to help blind children with Braille that sounds the way it feels. There are specially engraved wood cubes and wood boards for empowering and teaching blind children. The cube code features phonetics that correspond to geometry: a sound that corresponds to touch. It's a single cube with rotating symbols; easy to learn. It's what blind children are asking for, along with an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society. We will be transferring some EduCube Canada cubes and boards we have specially engraved for a Federal Charity.

The Ripple Effect Ten Step Program 1) Do a good deed that earns you the Friendship Cube. 2) Learn and apply the Cube Code for your own gain. 3) Gain a true testimony of how you used your own imagination, creativity, skills, discipline, enthusiasm, and gifts with what you learned and shared with the Cube and your friends. 4) Use that true testimony to inspire others to do planned acts of kindnes…